SneakerHomie Tells You About Gucci Ace Embroided Sneaker

The Gucci Ace Embroided Sneaker is one of the best-selling shoes of the Gucci house in particular and of the world in general. Since its launch in 2017, the shoes have been continuously sought and promoted by fashionistas. All are fascinated by the simple yet modern design with striking white color combined with the signature blue-red color band of the Gucci brand. If you are also fascinated with it and are learning about this sneaker model, please follow all of our articles below.

Gucci Ace Embroided Sneaker
Gucci Ace Embroided Sneaker

About Gucci Ace Embroided Sneaker

Gucci Ace Embroided Sneaker with a simple design that hugs the foot very neatly and is suitable for many personalities and fashion styles. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are all attracted to this shoe model and want to have it in your shoe cabinet. Being the darling of Gucci, it is made from top quality leather with the dominant white tone. The highlight of the shoes is the plaid pattern using the brand’s signature green and red colors combined with hand-embroidered embroideries running along the body of the shoe. The motifs are meticulously cared for and embroidered by the hands of the leading artisans of the Gucci fashion brand.

The special detail on the heel is the difference between the two colors of the shoes. The heel of each pair is made of snake skin with 2 different colors, the famous blue and red of the brand. I don’t think it looks out of place but it looks extremely eye-catching. The Gucci logo is placed on the heel with snakeskin detailing to highlight the brand name.

Since its launch, the Ace Embroided Sneaker has had quite a few textures and all of them show the luxury and classic of the brand. For example, snake motifs embroidered from golden threads create a luxurious look, making the white Ace Sneaker shoes look more prominent and classy. Or the bee motif embroidered with gold thread, a motif considered the oldest of the Gucci brand. The bee on the shoe is a motif first introduced in Gucci ready-to-wear in the 1970s.

We can’t deny that this is a sneaker with all the elements of a best seller. The sophisticated and classy design easily captures the hearts of fashionistas around the world. Along with that, it is highly applicable, easy to coordinate and suitable for all different outfit styles, making it highly sought after. So whether you are a person who pursues a dynamic style, personality or a light and luxurious style, you can choose Gucci Ace Embroidered Sneaker shoes, this is the perfect choice to highlight the style and class yours.

How much do Ace Embroided Sneaker cost?

Another reason why this shoe is one of the best-selling shoes is that it is quite affordable compared to most shoes from major brands in the world. The shoes are sold on the official website for less than $1000 and you can buy them in hand for about that or a little more. That can be quite a reasonable price for many people to own a fashion level from a big brand so they are willing to spend to be able to own it.

However, many people still choose to buy high-quality copies because of the benefits it brings and first of all, the economic benefits. High-quality copies are often a lot cheaper and only about 1/10 of the original price you can already own. Today, replicas are studied and reworked in detail and with care to bring the most authentic feel to the customer and that is why it is chosen so much.

With famous shoe brands, it is certainly impossible to avoid a complicated counterfeit market situation. So be really alert to find out for yourself the best quality and most beautiful copies. So before buying replica shoes, please carefully study the information on the official website such as style, color, details, accompanying accessories, price… to be able to compare and contrast best.

Hopefully with the sharing about Gucci Ace Embroided Sneaker above, you will understand more about the shoes. We hope you can go to reputable and quality shoe selling websites to immediately own the best replica Ace Embroided Sneaker for yourself. Or you can come to our website to buy yourself the best quality replica shoes at the best price.