Balenciaga Men’s 3XL Sneaker – BB232


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Product Description

Balenciaga Men’s 3XL Sneaker – BB232

Balenciaga Men’s 3XL Sneaker – a bold statement in contemporary footwear. These sneakers boast a striking combination of mesh and polyurethane, giving them a unique worn-out effect that sets them apart from the ordinary. The Balenciaga logo is prominently featured at the edge of the toe and at the back, showcasing the brand’s iconic style. Additionally, the embossed size on the upper and at the back of the heel adds a distinctive touch. The 3XL rubber branding on the tongue, complete with reflective detailing, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation. For ease of wear, both a back pull-on tab and a tongue pull-on tab with reflective detail are provided.

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Men, Women


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