SneakerHomie Tells You About Dior B23

I often imagine the world of men’s sneakers, it’s so vast and endless. And in that world there are both perfect shoes and disaster shoes. But if it comes from the top brands, is it all perfect? As the Nike Air Max Plus is considered by many to be a model with bad taste, what about the Dior Oblique B23 model? This is our article below that will talk about a pair of the most famous sneakers Dior house.

Dior B23

Dior B23

This model is no stranger to sneakers day lovers in general or Dior brand lovers in particular. I’m not a fan of the brand’s iconic sneakers, but in this case things are different.

B23 Sneaker with the advantages of an extremely unique and trendy design. Specifically, the shoes are favored with two notable highlights, including the body of the shoe is made of two layers, the outer layer is a transparent material, revealing the lining with the densely designed Dior logo. Dior also did not forget to equip the product with a fairly thick midsole, not as “massive” as other versions but still outstanding enough for the wearer. Some other impressive details include a flexible low-neck design with shiny metal eyelets.

From a distance, the B23 Oblique looks like a Converse shoe. It is not difficult to realize that the shoes have an appearance quite similar to a pair of Converse with the familiar body and rubber toe, but the processing is more invested with meticulous seams, combined with prominent points. Emphasis on design helps the product become a product worth owning in the near future.

This Dior Sneaker will surprise you with the quality of the sole. Comfortable for the foot, it’s rubberized and much thicker than what you’ve worn in previous shoes, providing comfort and stability in the foot.

Currently, Dior shoes have 2 versions: High and Low. Textured Technical canvas material and high-quality calfskin patches are sewn into the position of the shoe collar. Luxurious materials and sparkling effects create the most luxurious class of all sneakers on the market.

How much do Dior B23 sneakers cost?

As you know, Dior is a high-end fashion brand with the most luxurious goods in the world. The products here are often very expensive, not everyone can own them. Currently, the price of Dior B23 sneakers is sold on the genuine website for about $1000 with many different versions.

However, it is not easy to spend such money, especially those with low and medium economic conditions. Therefore, SneakerHomie has researched and brought to all customers a wide variety of Dior replica 1:1 sneakers at the best price. The shoes are redesigned with every exact detail like a genuine model. If you compare the two products, it’s hard to find the difference, it’s our mission to help everyone satisfy their sneaker passion.